Game shooting 1 or 2 days

Game Shooting

The estate is  specialised in small game bird shooting: grey partridges, red partridges, Reeves’s pheasants, American pheasants, Chinese pheasants and woodcocks.

Options: 1 day game shooting or Weekend

Our top class hunts welcome groups of 10 to 12 guns and their partners, from Friday evenings to Monday mornings for prestigious weekends : Driven shooting, gala evenings in the Grand Library of the Chateau, barbecue lunches in the forest, clay pigeon shooting, prizes...

The two private gamekeepers are responsible for the organisation of the shooting as well as for the safety of the participants.

Rough shooting: 350€ per person (2-5 guns)
Driven Shooting: 500€ per person (6-12 guns)
​Game shooting weekend: Price upon request

Reservation: +33674747836